Frugal Female Fashion Advice For Single Women

Women love to have the latest fashions so that they can look attractive and feel confident about the way that they look. Particularly when one is a single mom!

They want to always look like they understand the latest looks and even though they are very frugal, they want to be a part of the (demanding) scene. That is why they are smart when they shop. They know that there is more to shopping then just going to the store and picking up the latest outfit they saw in a magazine ad. It is an art, some would say.

To shop frugally takes patience and knowledge so here are some practical frugal living tips that will help women to be as frugal as possible when they are shopping for their wardrobe:

1. Shopping The Sales

Women know how to case out a sale before it even happens. They are good at going into the store and trying on the clothing that they need to. If they can, they put the items that they want on hold until the sale and then they come back in and purchase it. They want to get the best prices that they can when they are shopping for sales.

a single woman shopping and saving money while looking at her wallet

2. Clear Cut Budget In Mind

Before a woman even leaves her home to go shopping, she will have a budget in mind. She figures it all out ahead of time because she knows that she can only afford to pay so much for her wardrobe. After all, she doesn’t want to spend her whole salary on clothes alone. No, she has much more that she wants to do with her money so a good, clear cut budget has to be written down and carried along with her. She needs to stick to it so that she doesn’t overspend by purchasing things that she doesn’t need.

3. Getting All The Discounts, Promotions, And Coupons

Women are excellent at clipping coupons and paying attention to discounts and promotions. A single frugal female loves to get the best bargains and she goes out of her way to do so. She will find all kinds of specials because she likes to look at the clearance section of the store that she goes to. It will always make sense to check out these bargains before going to the regular racks for the more expensive goods. Since this is how she likes to shop, it is a lot of fun for her. She probably likes to shop with her friends because they are also very frugal and they like to bargain shop too.

a frugal single woman sitting back in a fashion chair drinking tea

4. She Always Saves Her Receipts

A frugal woman will save her receipts until she knows that she really loves what she purchased and that she doesn’t need to exchange or return it. This is the smart way for her to shop and once she knows that the item is good for her, she will toss out those receipts so that they don’t clutter up her home.

5. A Frugal Woman Knows Her Own Size

She doesn’t waste time looking at clothing that won’t fit her. She knows her own size and she is proud of it. This allows her to look for the clothes that will fit her and not waste a lot of time looking at all kinds of other clothing that won’t fit the purpose. For many frugal women, this is a key factor in allowing them to shop quickly and easily without a lot of fussing.

6. Leaves The Kids At Home

When a frugal woman needs to shop for her wardrobe, she leaves the kids at home. She gets a babysitter if she needs to and goes shopping without the little ones along. They can make it difficult when a woman needs to find clothes that are necessary for her personal and professional life. When she shops without the little ones, she can get it done in a much quicker fashion.

a single woman looking up with a grin on her face as she saves money

7. She Knows The Fashion Trends

A frugal single woman knows what she is looking for even before she goes to the stores. She checks online too. It’s important for her to get the best price and she always knows what is the latest fad. She is more interested in good clothing that will stand the test of time and still look good year after year. Her clothing is something that she knows she needs. Unlike men, who are also (believe it or not) always looking for frugal male fashion advice, single moms are more in tune with fashion trends – naturally!

8. Looking For Easy Care Clothing

She is always looking for clothes that can be washed. Dry cleaning will eat up more money than she likes to spend. The frugal woman will look for clothing that she can throw in with the rest of the laundry and have it come out looking like it is new.

9. Brand Names Don’t Always Interest Her

Brand names are not the only thing that interests her. In fact, they are not important to her at all. She wants quality, not a name, and she shops with that in mind. She wants something that is good and for a decent price.

10. Looks For Bargains In Accessories Too

Accessories are important to her also. She looks for bargains with all of these types of things. It will make sense to her to pick up a few discounted items in the clearance section. If she needs the items and they are marked down, she will purchase them so that she has them for the future.

A frugal woman is very smart. She is not cheap but she knows the value of money. Since she works very hard for the money that she makes, she doesn’t want to spend it all on clothing and accessories. Anytime that she shops, it is for a reason and she knows what she is looking for. She looks great because she shops well and she doesn’t go broke because of it. If it takes her more time than other ladies that she knows, that is ok because she knows that she is getting the best prices. For her, being frugal is a way of life and it allows her to enjoy the other things in life too.