I’m Broke For The Holidays! What Can I do?

Is it time to sit down and ask Santa for a million dollars for Christmas?

Being broke for the holidays isn’t a fun spot to be in but it’s common. Not everyone can splurge as the holidays roll around. Instead, it’s time to come up with a plan and go bargain hunting for great deals!

So, what should you think about when it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s?

Let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t.

What If You Can’t Afford Christmas Gifts?

Christmas gifts are a costly expense and can put a tremendous amount of stress on your financial situation. However, it’s not as difficult as you think!

If you can’t afford Christmas gifts, it’s best to consider the beauty of “bundling.” What is bundling all about? In general, the idea is to create small bundles of affordable items.

A lady staring at her empty wallet with no money for holiday shopping

A good example of this would be creating a spa basket with affordable items such as body scrubs, candles, body sprays, lotions, and anything else in this particular category. The reason for doing this is because you can find good deals for each product. You’re not limiting the purchase to a specific brand (i.e. Apple watches). Instead, you are giving yourself room to adjust.

Additional bundles include:

* Chocolates and Candies
* Grilling Tools
* Beauty Products
* Coffee Lover Items
* New Mom Gifts
* And More!

This is one of the best ways to manage Christmas gifts when everything looks expensive.

All it takes is a bit of patience and you’re going to be well on your way to a wonderful set of Christmas gifts. Plus, it’s going to look like you put in a lot of thought while preparing the gift, which is a bonus.

What Can I Do for Christmas with No Money?

Christmas with no money often seems difficult.

Well, it’s not a hopeless situation. Instead, it’s an opportunity to get creative and show your loved ones how much you care. To do this the right way, you’re going to have to spend time planning as to what each person likes before moving forward.

You can create DIY gifts based on the person’s interests. For example, let’s assume a loved one likes decorative gifts for their home. In this case, you would look to create DIY pots, pot holders, candles, or light holders. The options are endless and that’s what makes it such a wonderful way to approach Christmas gifts.

The average person tends to give up as soon as their budget is limited. You don’t have to as long as you’re willing to get creative!

Play around with different options and get ready to put in a bit of work. DIY crafts are all the rage and you can save quite a bit of money by creating your own gifts.

Another option is to simply start “regifting” people. This means taking gifts given to you and passing them onto others. While this isn’t always ideal, it’s another option to keep up your sleeve.

What If You Can’t Afford Christmas Gifts?

If you are someone that can’t afford Christmas gifts, it’s important to understand your situation and remain positive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to impress your loved ones because it’s generally the thought that counts.

However, if you want to make sure they get a good Christmas gift then it’s best to plan properly.

This means taking the time to create a list of affordable gifts for each person. You can create impressive gifts with nothing more than scraps as long as you’re willing to put your heart into it.

What can be created with recycled materials such as cardboard boxes? There are several options including wristlets, bracelets, aprons, bags, tea towels, and more.

There’s so much available to you and that’s what makes recycled gifts a lot of fun. You’re not restricted as to what you can do and how much you can do for someone else. Before starting, it’s best to sit down and plan a gift for each person on your list. Think about what they would like and how you could create it at home with nothing more than scraps. You’ll be surprised as to how easy this can be.

Where Can I Get Free Christmas Presents?

Anyone saying, “I’m broke for the holidays” should remember bargains are wonderful but free items are even better!

This is why it’s time to focus on where you can find free Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Traditional options include speaking to non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Churches, and other similar Christmas assistance programs. In some cases, you don’t have to reach out to these organizes and can do the legwork on your own. In general, the Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji are filled with items being given away for free.

Loads of people simply want to offload their items as long as someone is willing to pick them up.

This is a wonderful opportunity to look around and see what items are being given away for free. Christmas is often a part of the year where people start to give away items and it’s time to take advantage on your end. Scour through the markets, take a look at what’s available, and start picking up items that can be repackaged into gifts.

You may think these items are used and not worth it but that’s not always the case.

In many situations, the items are brand-new or lightly used making it relatively easy to repackage.

Why Do People Buy Christmas Presents?

From a historical sense, the exchange of presents on Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus. It’s an extension of the gifts provided to Jesus by the Three Wise Men (Gold, Myrrh, and Frankincense).

Over time, it’s become more about the societal celebrations associated with this time of the year. Most people enjoy the holidays by meeting up with their families, catching up, and exchanging gifts to show their love. It has an effect that goes beyond religion in most parts of the world.

It’s important to note, people exchange Christmas gifts because it’s part of how they were raised. Most children are raised to believe in Santa and his ability to leave gifts under the Christmas tree.

Since this is the case, it’s easier to understand why more and more people buy Christmas presents as they get older. It’s a way to keep this tradition moving forward while celebrating the religious undertones too. The reason people spend money on Christmas presents is because that’s easier for them instead of creating their own.

If you are looking to prepare for the holidays then this will likely become a requirement in your life too. It’s always nice to embrace the holiday spirit and start hunting for good deals.

Christmas for Kids With No Money. Hmm.

If you want to celebrate Christmas with kids but don’t have a lot of money, it’s still possible to make things work. The goal should be to understand what the kids like, what they will want under the tree, and what will remain affordable for your budget.

If you are sitting down and saying, “I’m broke for the holidays!” then it’s doubly important to put together a plan.

In this case, you want to start thinking about free toys available through Kijiji or the Facebook Marketplace. These are great platforms for finding free toys and/or similar deals without having to spend a penny. As long as you are willing to pick up the toys, you can find the deal of a lifetime during the holiday season.

Most parents will start to get rid of older toys in preparation for the new ones they’re going to buy for their kids. You will want to find good toys that haven’t aged and can be repurposed into Christmas gifts.

This is when having a tight budget doesn’t get in the way of what you can or cannot pick up. The average kid is going to enjoy almost any toy, which is why you want to put in the effort to find a good deal on one of these platforms.

Gifts for Kids With No Money

As you think about the different gifts for kids, you will start to realize how expensive things can be. This is normal and the holiday season does lead to overspending.

However, it’s also a way to understand the art of budgeting while finding gifts for kids.

If you are someone with no money then it’s best to think about how you can squeeze together a collection of gifts. As mentioned before, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at Kijiji or the Facebook Marketplace. In fact, you can also move forward with a bundled solution while handing out gifts to kids.

Why not put together a kid-friendly basket filled with goodies?

They are going to love picking out toys and other similar gifts out of the basket. Kids never mind getting more in terms of quantity and you can take advantage of that.

Create a basket of toys, chocolates, and other goodies for each kid. This is going to be incredibly affordable while bringing a smile to the kid’s face!

How Do You Make a Christmas Special on a Budget?

The idea of making Christmas “special” is all about the emotional connection you’re building with a loved one.

Remember, the holidays are all about bonding with your loved ones and showing them how much you care. It’s not just about the monetary value of each gift and how much you spent to acquire it. Instead, you want to showcase the amount of thought that was put into buying a particular set of gifts.

The best way to do this is to focus on the person rather than the gift. This means you want to understand what the person will want whether they are an adult or a young child.

Do they have certain likes or dislikes? Will they respond positively to certain gifts even if they are cheap?

Sometimes, a customized gift is worth a lot more than the latest iPhone! You want to think along these lines as you start to put together a strategy for making Christmas special.

A lot of people make Christmas special through experiences (i.e. taking the family out for an outdoor trip). It can even be something as special as teaching your kids a unique skill they haven’t learned before.

The options are out there and it’s all about knowing what your loved ones want.

How To Enjoy Christmas on a Budget?

Being on a budget doesn’t mean it’s impossible to enjoy Christmas.

Christmas can be enjoyed in several different ways as long as you put your mind to it. Whether it’s through DIY gifts, experiences, or simply finding freebies, you can make it happen.

A lot of people give up before they get started and that’s what leads to frustration. Don’t be afraid to take a look around at your options and personalize each gift based on what the loved one wants.

You will be able to do this without having to spend a lot of money.

To get started, it’s best to think about how much money is available. You want to spend most of the budget on materials while creating DIY gifts. This can go a long way in making it easier to create multiple gifts without cutting corners. If not, you can also take the time to find discounted gifts on the open market because sales are common during the holidays. It’s all about taking advantage of those sales and finding quality gifts at affordable prices.

It may seem difficult at first but it’s often more about your willingness to look.

So… Don’t stress out!

If you are sitting down and thinking, “I’m broke for the holidays,” it’s time to come up with a plan.

The holidays aren’t going anywhere, so it’s time to make the most of your situation. This is a wonderful time of the year and it’s best to celebrate with a purpose. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out about this whole thing. Try to enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Using the tips and tricks given here, you can also enjoy the holidays without emptying your wallet.