Hello there! Thanks for your interest.

Hey there, I’m Rod! And yes, I’m a real person. Thank you first of all for checking out our website and for your interest in learning more about this project.

The short of it is that my wife and I struggled with saving money for many, many years. This negligence put a lot of pressure on our family, for years! We finally got things under control a few years ago. I created this site to share some of the mistakes we made and what we learned from them, and also to share tips on how others can be more frugal with their spending habits. With everything going on in the world these days, I believe this is a critical skill that everyone should master.

We’re always learning something new and this project gives us a place to not only share it with others around the world but also to document our journey and remind us that we never want to find ourselves in a similar spot.

This website was born out of my frustration and regrets about NOT saving enough money in the past. I’ve made a lot of money in my career, but I (we) never had the discipline to save. Unfortunately, we had to learn some tough lessons along the way.

I’ll be honest with you, there are many things in my life today that I wish I could remove or change. Things that I know would make our lives less stressful. But it’s kind of late for some of those, or at least, not the right time. And I’ll share some of those thoughts and stories in time. For now, let me just say this; life is so much simpler and less stressful without a mortgage, car payments, house maintenance, and many other “things” that don’t bring much value to the day-to-day.

It took a long time for my wife and me to really get a handle on our finances, but most importantly, our savings. Looking for ways to save has played an important part in our daily lives now for almost 10 years and we’ve learned a lot in the process. I want to share as much of that as possible here.

My goal is to have a well-balanced set of topics on this site and I’ll be inviting others to collaborate and also share their own experiences. By the way, if you’re interested in sharing your story or tips on living a frugal life, please reach out with your ideas. However, I don’t make any promises that we’ll publish your content because you and I know how much SPAM is out there, and I personally hate it! But we’ll consider your ideas and try and get back with you soon.

Anyway, I truly hope all the information and tips on our website will help you on your journey to a better and happier life. Remember that, if you are here, it’s because you realized that you need to start saving and perhaps live a more frugal life. This simply means that you have already taken the first step in the right direction. Welcome.

When you live a simple life, things are just different.

Healthier Life
Uncluttered Home
Positive Impact
More Free Time

Frugal Living Tips Beginners Guide

Frugality is a way of life. It’s a mindset that once you adopt becomes a part of who you are. You may think about being frugal as either a virtue or a drag, but the reality is that living a frugal life opens you up to the ability to enjoy so much more.

How To Live Frugally In Retirement

When it comes to saving for retirement, the sooner you start the better. But there’s no changing the past, and if your retirement savings aren’t quite as substantial as you’d like them to be, there’s no need to worry. Employing a few frugal living tips for seniors will help you stick to your budget